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The CS Hudson Experience

We provide innovative project and program management services for clients with dispersed portfolios in all commercial sectors, including building maintenance management and construction projects.

When we started in this business, we set out to differentiate ourselves from other commercial construction companies and facility management companies by changing the way multi-site projects are managed. We made it our goal to excel at being customer-centric, solution-driven and dependable, whatever our clients’ building maintenance and commercial building needs.

Today, our clients view us not just as commercial contractors, but as  a trusted advisor and partner. We pride ourselves in building long-term relationships with our clients based on integrity, respect and a genuine commitment to exceeding expectations.


What We Bring to the Table

We offer a wide range of services including full-service program and project management. Our ability to provide execution and oversight is one thing that sets us apart. Above and beyond that, it is our level of professionalism, our ability to develop and explore new approaches and our commitment to serving your best interests that defines who we truly are.

We're Solution-Driven

Innovative, resourceful, creative — those are some of the words our clients use to describe our work. Unlike other facilities maintenance companies, we are defined by our willingness to work through your challenges by thinking outside the box to develop creative solutions. It is also a dedication to helping our clients find ways to manage costs more effectively, reduce expenses and manage risk – we’re all about solutions.

We're Customer-Centric

When it comes to building maintenance management and construction projects, our business model is built around you — your needs, your business, your project requirements. That’s one of our fundamental beliefs: you come first, always. We continuously strive to identify improvements on all aspects of our service offerings. Each client has a different concept, a different brand, and a different budget. It is our job to dive deep into your goals and the needs of your program so we can support and manage your portfolio most effectively.

We're Dependable

Dependability means a lot. It means delivering your projects on time and on budget. It means consistent quality across a wide range of locations and helping you find ways to reduce costs without compromising the integrity of your brand. In comparison to other commercial construction companies and facility management companies, our clients tell us we’re flexible, that we react quickly, that we can adapt to changing circumstances. We pride ourselves in showing you how dependable we are — with every project we manage.


What our clients say about us


"They hear me say 'I need it open in six weeks,' and they'll put the pieces in place to make that happen. That’s really invaluable."

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"They are a preeminent company that provides elite quality to their customers through innovation and foresight. It is how they leave others feeling as a result of the experience of the unwavering quality, integrity and reliability of their work."

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"They provide peace of mind through their ability to anticipate the needs of their clients by building their vision and making it a reality."

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"They helped me with my efforts in communicating with stakeholders, influencing ideas, fine tuning and streamlining processes, and ultimately driving the plan to execution. Their project management ability includes managing risks and issues, while earning the respect and trust of the employees and customers affected."

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"Their philosophy was let’s get the job done…let’s do whatever we need to do to make our client successful, to make our client look good. And also…let’s be cost-efficient."

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"They're very flexible, and can handle and react to anything. That's been helpful to me — especially being without our own in-house construction team."

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"It's almost like they're my construction partner — like they're part of my team."

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"What's uncommon is the combination of execution and project management. Their incredible project management experience — and the talent they bring to the process — gives me the extra resources I need to get the job done."

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"They provided the construction management tools and know-how to track our progress and get things done."

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Our Clients

From Start-ups to Fortune 500 Companies


Based in New York, we develop and implement programs and projects for clients in these five sectors. Whether you have 200 locations in a tri-state region or 2,000 locations throughout North America, our goal is to drive your success.




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