Our Leadership


Joe Scaretta, Co-CEO & Founder

With more than 15 years experience in facilities management and construction, Joe built his reputation as an entrepreneur by developing innovative niche services, and fostering customer-centric, get-it-done team cultures. He spent his early career in the retail sector, where he gained expertise in merchandising, operations, facilities management, capital projects and new construction.

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"When it comes to customer service, there is no one I would rather continue learning from than my partner Joe Scaretta. His loyalty to our clients is unmatched and a challenge to imitate. In our business line, there are only a handful of people that can say: 'This has been my partner for 14 years.' I can genuinely say that I have been blessed to have been a part of his life throughout the years, and I am looking forward to the next decade of business experience and friendship with Joe."
Moses Carrasco

Moses Carrasco, Co-CEO & Founder

Moses has more than 20 years experience in the construction industry, as well as first-hand experience in the restaurant and retail sectors. With deep experience in every stage of the construction management process, he is widely respected for his engineering expertise, his practical, cost-effective methodologies, and his flawless execution.

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"Moses and I have been partners for well over a decade and brothers for just as long. We are polar opposites on so many fronts which makes us the best style of partners. Moses took me under his wing, trained me and is the main reason I ended up working in the facilities and construction industry. What intrigued me most about Moses is he could solve any problem and made it look easy. We made a career doing what everyone else has said was impossible, possible. We have this common trait "The bigger the challenge, the larger the stakes, the more people saying it can't be done" that's what drives us. The hunger to be great, the hunger to make it possible and the hunger to be different. Excited and honored to continue our next chapter together driving innovate solutions as brothers and founding partners at CS Hudson!"
— Joe Scaretta

Desiree Russo, Vice President of Operations

With more than 10 years’ experience in construction and facilities management, Desiree’s background includes all aspects of managing operations in a total facility management company. She works closely with clients, oversees multiple teams, and manages staff training and development. She also oversees and develops workflow processes to ensure that as contractors we meet — and exceed — the industry’s highest standards.

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“I have had the opportunity and good fortune to partner with Desiree for over 10 years. Desiree has implemented workflow processes and effectively managed across multiple channels, collaborating with departments companywide to create operating procedures unique to each individual client. Through Desiree's unparalleled work ethic and industry knowledge, we continue to grow as a groundbreaking facilities management company. Her passion is contagious and creates a winning company culture. I look forward to continuing the journey with Desiree for years to come.”
— Todd Bernstein

Todd Bernstein, Vice President of Business Development

Todd has been a leader in facilities and construction management for more than a decade. His experience in sales has allowed him to work closely with clients to customize programs that maximize value while he manages multiple teams to bring the project in on time and under budget. His ability to recognize market changes makes him ideally suited to this ever changing industry.

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“I have had the honor of partnering with Todd over the past 10 years. His dedication to customer service is unrivalled and he continues to break the mold with his attention to detail and extensive knowledge in the industry. I admire his positive personality, and hope we continue to bounce ideas off each other for years to come. I am looking forward to continuing this journey together!”
— Desiree Russo

Josh Cohen, Vice President of Finance and Corporate Development

Working directly with capital markets over the past 10 years, Josh has leveraged his relationships within the investment community to enable organic business growth and development, while strengthening our operational standards as a leading total facility management company. By taking the time to fully understand the needs of the company and its people, Josh enables his team with business planning that is idealistic, conservative, and performed at a high degree of accuracy.

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"CS Hudson welcomes Josh Cohen to provide support and evolve our financial infrastructure. It is with overwhelming excitement to have an out-of-box thinker, with strong financial acumen, that will help lay the foundation for the future sustainable growth of our company. As the phrase goes 'Everything happens for a Reason' we are glad he was part of our past and now a member of our future."
— The Team