Retail's New Mission: Bridge The 'Experience Gap' In Brick-And-Mortar Stores

As many as 86% of shoppers are more likely to shop at stores that provide experiences tailored to fit their needs and interests, according to research from InReality. But only 13% of shoppers feel that stores actually offer the kind of experiences that they would like. This jarring disconnect is forcing retailers to redefine their approach to brick-and-mortar stores, because the overriding message is that "good enough" is no longer good enough.


This special report will showcase the new role of the brick-and-mortar store, including the changes and modifications retailers already have made (and should continue making) to bridge this disconnect. Topics will include:

  • The growing shopper desire for experiential retail in-store;

  • What the Sears bankruptcy teaches retailers about building an identity for the in-store experience, and how technologies such as interactive signage and touchscreens advance the brand proposition;

  • How retailers such as Nordstrom and Lids stand out via product customization;

  • Why less is more when it comes to in-store inventory management; and

  • The changing metrics used to measure physical store success, and how technologies such as biometrics, RFID and computer vision will play larger roles going ahead.

Taylor Martin