Advice to Retail Stores This Holiday Season: Let It Show, Let It Show, Let It Show!

Every Holiday season, eye-catching displays and interactive showcases lure in shoppers. As Holiday sales are expected to expand at a rate of 15.3 percent this year according to eMarketer Retail, it’s important for retailers to up their seasonal game with tech-integrated exterior displays and in-store experiential environments (like pop-up stores!) in order to stand out.


Do You Hear What They Hear?

Today’s shoppers are paying attention — listening closely to the unavoidable sound of retail transformation ringing out both online and offline. Up-close personalization and interaction have become key to the survival of the brick-and-mortar retailer, and are a vital trend for retailers to cash in on especially during the Holiday season.

Don’t Just Deck the Halls

Make all gift seekers and window shoppers stop in their tracks with window displays that are tech-heavy and graphically integrated to match the modern consumer mindset. Those who shop IRL at malls and outlets across the country will undoubtedly be overwhelmed by the traditional, hectic hustle and bustle — which is why an attention-grabbing exterior showcase just might be the edge to nudge shoppers in from the outside world.

Create a Winning Wonderland

Don’t forget to set aside some square footage for interactive and engaging indoor displays that can inspire a hearty holiday boost to the bottom line. Continue the spirit with seasonally themed, fully staffed “shop-in-shop” areas that beckon consumers to a 360-degree view of select items and their functions — complete with total product access and professionally guided demonstrations.

Prop up a Pop-up

Instead of just putting up a tree this season, why not an entire store? The benefits of pop-up shops — which represent the latest, creative path to directly (and physically) connecting with customers — are becoming more and more of the industry norm. By filling short-term vacancies, commercial landlords are avoiding cash flow disruptions, while brands are enjoying low-cost overhead. With a bit of extra planning during the fall months, retailers can draw large crowds through exclusive, limited-time experiences that combine product introduction with the magic of the holidays.

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Taylor Martin